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How Social Media has changed the Human Resource Management Practices in Corporations

How Social Media has changed the Human Resource Management Practices in Corporations

How Social Media has changed the Human Resource Management Practices in Corporations

by Lesther Mairena May 25, 2017


The use of social media has not only affected the domestic lives of individuals but has also significantly changed the ways that the organizations work in. Although the corporate use of social media has majorly been attributed to the marketing of organizations, there is a same impact of the social media usage on the human resource managing section of the groups. There are various ways in which the human resource practices prevalent in the organizations have been affected by the use of social media by the employees and the managers sometimes at an institutional level such that the organization legislates and use of social media in a particular manner and for particular purposes.

1)    Employee Recruitment:-

Human resource management as a function of the group has an important role of induction of employees for the organization and while previously there used to be made paper based invitations for resumes, now jobs are abundantly posted on social media. The posting of these jobs on social media invites a much larger population of applicants and it becomes much easier for the recruiters to find the suitable candidates amongst the lot. It is also much cheaper and convenient for the human resource executives to post these jobs out to the public so that they may apply as there is no formality involved that is otherwise special to the paper-based advertisement of jobs. The potential candidates who find these job posts on the social media are also able to easily apply for these jobs by following the online application links or by simply emailing their credentials to the provided email addresses. Furthermore, the recruiters may also get the candidates to apply using their social media accounts from where they may be able to carry out initial assessment of these candidates for scrutiny purposes.

2)    Employee Feedback and Performance Appraisal:-

Social media closed groups have become a popular trend in the modern day organizations in which the employees of the organizations are able to communicate in closed and private manner. Such groups are suitable for taking feedback from employees regarding their work and if they have any issues with the environment and other relevant factors while at work. This serves to be an ideal way for the organizations to be able to know about and address the grievances of employees so that they may feel more welcomed in their workplaces. In the same manner, employees may also be asked to rate the performance of other employees, teams or the organization as a whole in order to gauge the employee perceptions hence enabling the top level management to take corrective measures accordingly. In addition to these uses, such closed groups are also useful in making announcements for the group members. Because social media is commonly used by people on the smartphones, the employees are able to access this information and share their views on the go and in real time with the rest of the group.

3)    News about Organization:-

Sometimes the use of social media for the purpose of communication is carried out at a much larger scale i.e. the entire organization. This kind of information is related to the policy level changes and news involved. The top level management often makes use of social media to convey particular news to the general public that may be related to the operations of the organization or the clarification of a misconception. The same applies to the human resource management of the top level to convey policy level changes to the employees working in various capacities not necessarily in the executive and office based capacities. The news hence is now a day shared through the social media rather than the traditional circulars that the organizations typically used to convey information inside the organization.

4)    Training and Evaluation:-

Traditionally, organizations train their employees in classroom like environments or on the basis of hands-on and on the job basis. However in the modern day, this has changed significantly and a new mode of training that is through the social media live video feed has emerged as new means for organizations to train their employees where the trainers based elsewhere educate the trainee employees and in the same manner the evaluators or examiners of these trainee employees make use of the social media applications for interviewing and assessing them and recommending improvements. In some organizations, the functions like doctor appointments of employees and medical consultation are already being carried out over social media applications concerning live video communication. This helps in saving time and resources for the doctors and the employees that would otherwise get wasted in traveling and movement. Committee meetings are also largely facilitated with the use of similar technologies given that they have little to arrange for before carrying out these meetings.

5)    Monitoring Employee Activities:-

There are two main reservations placed by human resource managers with respect to the use of social media by the employees. First is the use of social media while on duty hence slacking off work and wasting the office resources and second is the defamatory propagation about the organization by the employees about the organization that can be very deteriorating for the image given the nature of the communicator. However, the solution to the same issues also resides with the use of social media by the human resource managers who can keep track of their subordinates’ activities on the social media hence being able to know when the particular employee or employees were using the social media and for what purpose. Modern day organizations emphasize that the employees share their social media profiles with their managers by adding them in so that the boss would know the activities of the subordinates. This may be argued as a violation of the privacy of the employees but in the organizations where there have been recorded cases of such incidents such policies are strictly in effect and are largely supported by even the employees of that organization.

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