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The Most notable Benefits of Social Media for Corporate Users - JC Marketing

The Most notable Benefits of Social Media for Corporate Users

The Most notable Benefits of Social Media for Corporate Users

by Lesther Mairena April 12, 2017

The Most notable Benefits of Social Media for Corporate Users

Social media is greatly viewed as the means for recreation and communication amongst people by the standard users. The corporations, on the other hand, seek to draw significant amount of value from the social media usage that is cost efficient and tremendously helpful in serving the cause provided it is intelligently devised and administered. The central aspect of opportunity for business users of social media is that the population that makes use of the social media is large and is ever increasing. This makes the social media a place worth exploring into by the corporate users. Mentioned below are the most notable benefits of using social media for the sake of business.

Brand Visibility

First and foremost, there is no better place for startups and less public organizations to increase their brand awareness amongst the public than the social media itself. The ease of using the social media makes it possible for messages whether promotional or news based to be spread wide very quickly. What is even more attractive is the fact that it is rather cost effective and does not require monumental advertisement and marketing budgets for the marketers to have. The nature of social media particularly Facebook is such that people can easily share and be shared with, messages and promotional links and pages.

Studying the Market

It is fairly easy to carry out marketing research using social media tools. Such marketing practices are helpful in understanding the needs of the customers and their expectations from various services and products that the concerned business might be offering. From a practical point of view, carrying out pilot studies becomes increasingly easy which means that the businesses can understand and estimate the chances of success that their product or service has before they go on with full fledge production and operation through injection of large volumes of investment.

Customer Services

From an operational point of view, social media can be a rather useful way to carry out customer services in an efficient manner. With the passage of time as the questions of the customers about the keep increasing and eventually get repeated, the social media page administers can place frequently asked questions section on the social media pages for customer education and even make a dedicated account for the customers to reach out for chat should they have other questions or queries. This can leave a rather positive impression of the business that carries out these practices.

New Opportunities

Companies are learning entities that can change their models as they go to make their operations more and more profitable. The social media can be a difficult place for businesses to comprehend with particularly because there may be negative criticism contributing towards the defamation of the concerned business. However, the same negative remarks may be used by the companies as things to improve on and to change their existing methods to more acceptable and appreciated ones. So much so, it is sufficiently possible that the businesses may find new horizons, markets and even product and service ideas on the social media.

Competitive Analysis

The competition is always not far behind in exploring and using the same resources that any business does. The social media unlike other means of mass communication provides a rather level playing field for businesses to compete on. The trends that other competitors are following are very visible on the social media, and hence the concerned businesses can improvise and innovate their methods to stand out from the competition. The reactive time for businesses is significantly reduced as they can witness their competitors’ practices and procedures.


There is nothing like an affordable and efficient manner of carrying out sales of products and services, and the social media does it better than anything else. The modern day concept of referral sales has completely transformed the way in which goods and services are sold on the internet. The affiliate marketing practices involve the people who are active on the social media and can help businesses in generating sales for the company in return of certain percentage of profit to be shared with the affiliates.


In the same fashion, once the businesses have made the sales, the social media makes it possible for them to get feedback on their product and service. This feedback can either be private or public based on the nature of the business and can be used as stepping stone for the business of concern to build itself on. The feedback from the users can be used for improving the product, service its delivery methods and hence prevent complaints from the future customers. In addition to that, general assistance to customers may also be provided in the same fashion.

Lead Generation

In the presence of such a large sized user population, it is not hard to imagine that the customers may easily be found. People of relevant interests can be located fairly easily on social media that serve as leads and approaching them through specialized and well-directed advertisement can convert them into customers. What is even more fascinating is that the social media through its highly innovative system and options allows the users to be able to direct their marketing efforts to the audience that is most likely to become their audience which is also called as niche marketing. This is more helpful than the other electronic media methods of marketing that works on the philosophy of spray and pray that involves mass communication of advertisement in the hope that some section of the communicated audience would make the purchase. In this manner, the marketing campaigns lose their effectiveness a great deal since the public finds the advertisement rather repetitive and overly generic. In addition to these mentioned benefits of social media usage for business and corporation, there are several other uses of the social media that companies may utilize relying on their sheer improvisation and creative thinking.

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