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Snapchat as Part of Life – Past, Present and the Future

Snapchat as Part of Life – Past, Present and the Future

Snapchat as Part of Life – Past, Present and the Future

by Lesther Mairena March 23, 2017


It would be disrespectful to introduce Snapchat to a person who uses the internet and social media nowadays because it is amongst the most popularly used and one of the most frequently downloaded and furthermore among the most extensively updated application today. Though it emerged mainly as a pictorial story recording and sharing application, several much smaller yet attractive additions have been made to it, making it a very sought for application of the modern world. The ever increasing number of pictures that are uploaded on user accounts of social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., there was found a need to develop an application that would instantly upload and share freshly taken pictures of the user by also deleting them shortly after to prevent over accumulation of graphic data. The main inspiration behind this was the advent and an overwhelmed and inflated tendency of the cell phone users towards taking selfies. The application was hence named “Picaboo” were relevant to what the idea was behind its development. However as the time progressed and the application was developed further, it was realized that though the main idea about photo sharing was quite good, confinement to the idea of selfies was getting too mainstream and old. Hence, the application named “Snapchat” was organized as a very well integrated system that emphasized on inclusion of private and public messaging over this application making this a highly interactive application for the domestic users while an opportunity of business for the corporate users. Cheap and easily maintained means of marketing are rarely ever ignored by the social media marketers these days, counting greatly towards the success of Snapchat as a popularly used application. It was anticipated that the application could develop into a full-scale trend and the estimate turned out to be rather accurate as was to be witnessed in the time to come.

Current State:

Just recently, the administration of the application admitted that there were several issues with the operations of the applications and it was confessed that the “snaps” being shared over this application were finding it difficult to reach the recipient in real time as ideally needed by the users. While the users are found complaining about this lapse in the service delivery, the administration states that it is due to the sheer burden that the application finds itself in now. Neutral estimates endorse the claims of the Snapchat administration that as many as 20 million pictures are being shared every day by users over Snapchat making it amongst the heaviest application being used. To compare it with other media like Facebook and Twitter, although the users of the mentioned applications are far more than those of the Snapchat, the main content or data on Facebook and Twitter still is textual in nature with videos and pictures being secondary. On the contrary, the Snapchat has pictorial data as its primary and the latest cell phones available for affordable prices in the market can have serious amount of camera strength that ultimately add up to making the transferring data rather heavy. High resolution and high megapixel count cameras take images that are very detailed and high-definition hence adorable for the users but this is where the administration of Snapchat develops a headache. However, with the steady auto deletion system of Snapchat, the pictures uploaded by the users some time ago automatically get deleted from the primary systems and into the secondary ones. However, still, the number of uploaded photos at any given time hovers above 1 billion snaps that, once again, are beautiful high definition. A few controversial incidents also occurred recently that somewhat brought the application in the news for the wrong. Like the lens event for example that nearly took the lives of aggressive drivers competing in speed contests that allegedly Snapchat was aware of occurring right under their noses using their “lens” feature that measured the speed of the driver.

The Future:

Based on several technological, corporate as well as political factors, there are two ways that the Snapchat application can go in. Either it can excel to become an even more dominant form, but for that to happen, the application would need to enhance the features that it offers, or, it can fall short of everybody’s expectations and get pushed back by new coming ideas like Snapchat itself once was. The best people to ask about the future of Snapchat as an application and as a business entity is, of course, the planners of what happens with this app next. The upcoming initial public offering is something that has been hugely anticipated as a game changer for the application. Financial experts believe that the interest of the public in purchasing the shares of the application can be expected to be monumental, leading to a much higher share price offering to the company. This would enable the company to have access funds for new initiatives that it would have to take. The enhanced analytical capabilities that are being designed in the upcoming updates of the application promises to get rid of the lapse of real time snap sharing that the users of this application are sharing at the moment. There is also a benefit that rests with Snapchat administration in the form of businesses thinking for the Snapchat to become more and more beneficial for the corporate sector. This gives useful and readymade ideas to the Snapchat administration. Another dimension that Snapchat is working in is the hardware section because only updating and changing the software application would not be sufficient for the overall progress of the application. The ideas like camera bearing glasses have been a popular one amongst the lot as it gives the users an ease of taking snaps as they go by only reaching up to their glasses activating the camera and taking snaps in decent resolutions highly compatible with the application with prioritized uploading features. This may just be a breakthrough that the application is looking for to get a refreshed image to the public.

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