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Social Media Marketing Challenges for Corporate Sector and Overcoming - JC Marketing

Social Media Marketing Challenges for Corporate Sector and Overcoming

Social Media Marketing Challenges for Corporate Sector and Overcoming

by Lesther Mairena May 04, 2017

Social Media Marketing Challenges for Corporate Sector and Overcoming them

Social media marketing though carries numerous benefits with itself for corporate entities; it is at the same time filled with challenges that organizations need to comprehend with. A few of the most commonly faced challenges are as follow:

Authentic Connecting

Because it is easy to make profiles on social media and start posting news, updates and comments, many times fake profilers take up the responsibility of posting for an individual organization and not always with the wrong intentions by the way. But what happens, as a result, is that the authentic connection of the organization with their real audience breaks and gets divided since many people who like or follow these fake profiles never know that they are not official. This issue can be resolved through the usage of brand monitoring tools like Respond, Mention, and TweetDeck. This helps in monitoring all the brand related activities and authentically commenting on them by the official organization profile and to spot fakers.

Defining Goals

When the organizations decide on pursuing social media as means for their promotion they often fail to identify their goals as to what they wish to take out of their venturing online. Many organizations just head towards making their social media profiles and posting news, updates, and comments on it simply because everyone is doing it. This is a challenge because the competitors, through specific goals can outperform them for being too general in social media usage. This can be overcome by clearly defining the objectives and then making a roadmap for achieving them. It is ideal that specialized marketers and social media managers are assigned the duty to plan and execute this.

Keeping up with the Audience

On the social media, things become old very quickly and hence organizations that join social media platforms for their promotions can expect to have lots on their plate to do to keep their accounts fresh on content, information, and views. New and exciting content on the social media accounts is essential to keep the followers engaged and following. The best way for organizations to actually bear sustainable audience is that they recruit or outsource dedicated teams responsible for creating and sharing fresh content on their behalf. This also depicts that the concerned organization finds it important to share their news with their audience and consider them worthy of the effort.

Getting a Large Audience

It can be rather embarrassing that the organizations that launch their profiles on social media platforms may fail to get liked and followed by a sufficient number of people on the social media. The number of followers on social media can be a marketing point in itself that can even get back lashed if the number of likes and followers are less. The number of followers also serves as a deciding factor regarding how easy or difficult is it for the concerned organization to convey the intended message to target audience. The Large sized audience makes it easy to float certain words and trends. To get a large number of followers and likes on the social media accounts, it is crucial that the concerned audiences make use of search engine optimization practices and techniques and use tools and strategies that maximize their presence on these platforms.

Encouraging Conversation and Getting Feedback

Sometimes organizations find it beneficial for themselves to promote discussion on the social media hence improving their functioning based on the feedback that they get. Most people only follow or like the concerned organizations but never actually find it necessary to post anything or comment their opinion. This is a challenge because it reduces the effectiveness of the organizations on their goal achievements. To overcome this issue, the concerned organizations need to have a clear idea about the likeness and dislikeness of the audience regarding what they want to hear and where they would want to give feedback. This is hence more related with the psychology of the audience rather than the administration of the social media.

Placing Usable Content

Rather than only posting images, text or other forms of comments on social media it can be beneficial for concerned organizations to post content on their social media profiles that can be used for the purpose of research, sharing and building opinion on. This can include facts and figures relevant to the corporation’s activities that people can read about and share with others as interesting pieces of information while at the same time highlighting something positive about the organization. In practice, this can be done through an encouragement of communication sharing in organizations such that the success stories from in and around the organization may be brought in the knowledge of the social media team that shares them on their profiles. This can include large sales volumes or targets achieved, a generous employee benefit offered by the organization or even a corporate social responsibility activity.

Making Content Speak Quality

The content particularly the imagery and visuals have to e of high quality to leave an impression on the viewers that the organization is quality oriented. Even the text content if bearing mistakes and errors can be rather irritating for any reader and negate the opinion of that viewer regarding the organization. Social media users normally enjoy advanced technology hardware capable of supporting high-quality content thus it is essential that the concerned organizations should ensure that they hire high-quality technicians and experts that work on the social media content who can provide the concerned organization with superior quality of content that has engaging outcomes for audiences.

It can be a rather demanding task on the part of the organizations to lead an effective social media campaign and it is advisable that the teams responsible for the social media marketing management work with patience and coordinate their activities with those of the rest of the organization. Outcomes can be very fruitful but may take a lot of time to appear since it is slow to get audience and following on social media.

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