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Social Media Marketing Trends – 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends – 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends – 2017

by Lesther Mairena May 18, 2017

Social media has been a sweetheart for marketers for quite some time now, and while the usage of social media platforms is getting older, the techniques are also becoming obsolete and losing attractions. To say the least, the element of creativity is gradually wearing out. However, there is a silver lining that promises to keep the social media platforms attractive for marketers will into the future.

There is nothing quite like personal input and mental creativity that can reflect crucially on the social media marketing campaigns of corporations. Below are mentioned few formidable additions in social media marketing that would give new life to the social media usage for marketing purposes.

Live Video Promotional Campaigns to Rising

One of the latest interventions in the field of social media marketing is the introduction of live video streaming to promote various good and services. While in the year 2016 14% of the online marketers experimented with this new method, it is expected that 43% of the online marketing population would do so. This makes one believe that the social media would become a somewhat interactive television that would feature long streaming advertisements containing models and presenters. In the year 2016, during just one year, social media users saw live videos as long as 110 years in total. It may also be expected that the social media administers may introduce new tools for the users to make settings of these live streaming videos according to their preferences.

Messages over Applications

Messenger, Whatsapp and Snapchat have collectively more than 4 billion people using them that constitutes a huge population. While most people have already been witnessing a high and ever increasing density of messages on their phone and computer applications of late, it can be expected that this would only increase in the future. This is not because many people are compelled into buying a product or service by getting its promotional message, but it is mostly because all the companies are using this cheap mode of promotion and hence all are compelled to use it to maintain a balance with their competition regarding their presence.

Avenues for Sales will Increase:

In the year 2017 and those to come, it can be expected that the marketers would not only use their social media platforms as their promotional venues but may also enhance their efforts converting them into sales operations venues. This means that they may start using the same app to convert their leads into customers. It is easier for the audience to follow the promotional messages in or to carry out the purchase of an item and it is significantly different from just watching it on the social media and then making an effort altogether anew to try and find that product online and to purchase it. Also, the marketers are now changing their message tones that are used for the generation of sales from the typical “buy-now” routine to “gift ideas’ kind of statements that make the whole transaction lot more meaningful from a personal point of view and less related to the money matters. This is hence far more polite, and it may be expected that the online marketers would continue to further soften their tone.

Increased Use of Robots:

While the use of robots has not taken shape like anticipated in the movies and relevant television materials, there is an entirely different race of robots that has been brought into excessive use. These robots are actually applications that can answer queries and generate responses based on prompts given to them by their users. Virtual reality has also become something that is steadily making its way into the common usage of human beings. Social media marketers are now having dedicated applications and systems with the use of which they are making new customers, taking feedback from the older ones and ensuring the quality of their product and services through surveys of the market and its expectations. The integration of generally used much bigger tools such as Google Earth is already in use with these marketers, and it is expected that several others systems like this would be introduced.

Ephemeral Content:

The content like how-to videos and interviews or feedback videos will continue to grow more and more popular amongst the social media marketers mainly due to the level of effectiveness that it has. Similarly, there is often a display of behind the scenes sort of action that the marketers use to show their customers as a way for them to know what happens at the back end and also in the same stream tell them about themselves a little. Many marketers also cover their events in the form of live or recorded contents that are then shared on the social media to tell the audience about the brand, its people, and the life at the workplace in general so as to develop a more personal relationship with the potential customers.

It may be anticipated that the mobile marketing that includes both the cellular and internet based applications would increase significantly in the years to come. The idea is to reach the customer in their most comfortable position, and location and that is on their smartphone. Social media websites are also making adjustments to their platform outlook and interfaces such that the advertisers get lot more space for placement of ads and the users of these platforms at the same time get to enjoy themselves without getting annoyed by the advertisement due to its excessive display and interference with the users’ activities. Social media managers are very watchful of these changes because they are the people who are most concerned about the next move of their organizations and are also responsible for keeping their corporations at a competitive advantage. Marketing managers are hence much obliged to ensure that they keep their corporation’s social media marketing efforts aligned with those in the market and retain their competitive advantage so that their competitors may not get away with a big piece of the market share.

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